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Female friend can take prophylactic during nurse is a basis the female is to use mother milk feed or milk powder feed, if be to use a mother to breed the method of feed cannot take prophylactic, can affect normal growth of the baby, and use milk powder feed, can eat prophylactic, but want to noteNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The edible method of meaning prophylactic and note, cannot too early after production undertake of the same branch of a family and take prophylactic. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Prophylactic can eat during nursing

If be postpartum 3 months, or above of the half an year after Caesarean birth, classics doctor checks the word that was not pregnant really, can set contraceptive hoop. Also can use cap of condom, uterus, external application the contraceptive method such as prophylactic film. If do not think the person that bear again, also can take sterilization step, make oviduct (seminiferous duct) ligation. Period of time still must use contraceptive after man ligate, when waiting for seminal examination to did not see spermatozoon really, just need not adopt avoidShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Pregnant measure.

Prophylactic can eat during nursing

If not be the new mother of lactation, can be in postpartum 2, 3 months begin prophylactic of profess to convinced. If suffer from intentional, liver, kidney disease of main internal organs of the body or diabetic when, unfavorable take prophylactic, because these medicaments may accentuate the burden of these viscera, affect those who produce system of the back of a person to restore.

If be to adopt baby of mother milk feed, unfavorable take prophylactic. Because prophylactic can be passed galactic bad to baby generation influence, make lactescence quantity decreases possibly still at the same time. Postpartum lactation can restrain oviposit, make menstrual intermit, have certain contraceptive effect. But this kind of contraceptive action is not 100 percent effective, somebody first oviposit, in menstruation before restoring, had been pregnant, accordingly, postpartum contraceptive step should be taken when reaching lactation the 1st times to regain sexual life. The principle that lactation chooses contraceptive method is do not affect the lactescence, physiology after suiting a woman to produce, moonish classics not exudate of answer tide, vagina is less wait for a characteristic. The man should assume responsibility more, proposal with men’s contraception is given priority to.

Prophylactic can eat during nursing

Lactation female is unsuited choose contain prophylactic of estrogen profess to convinced. Because absorb estrogen to be able to cause the reaction of gastric bowel path of lactation woman, influence appetite, bring about galactic in protein, adipose drop with the content of microelement, grow to darling development has very big effect. In the meantime, those who contain estrogen is galactic be absorbed by darling, can make development of male baby breast, of the fleshy of leather hyperplasia, labium deputy sex character on female baby occurrence vagina unusual. In addition, lactation woman ifForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Take 3~6 the estrogen of the week, its breed the quantity can reduce an in part about, the darling to mother milk feed veryA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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