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Ai Cao is our summer when a kind of commonner weed, but this kind of medicine of weed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Using value is very tall, also a few people treat it as should use treatment, various diseases, compare frail patient to a few bodies especially for, via commonly used Ai Cao bubble foot can help the blood inside the body circulate, to Gong Han still can be being treated for the female, so is Ai Xie influential to the baby?

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Ai Xie is influential to the baby

Although Ai Cao is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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But its action is very sweeping, want to use it in a lot of prescription, treat the disease of skin respect especially, ai Cao has magical effect more, can stop quickly urticant go painful, and do not have side-effect completely. Know what effect Ai Cao has after all? Specific what is there? Is Ai Cao influential to the baby?

Ai Xie is influential to the baby

Ai Cao is influential to the baby

Suffering of moxa leaf flavour, laborious, the gender is lukewarm. Put in classics of liver, lienal, kidney ‘s charge, can blood of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, lukewarm passages through which vital energy circulates, chase cold wet, stop cold painful, wash outside decoct soup can dispel is wet stop urticant. Having the effect that combats poison of bacterium, disease-resistant because of Ai Xie, have certain effect to treating the skin disease such as allergy of eczema, skin, darling eczema still can bathe with Ai Xie. Sere the Ai Cao after is used at boiling water suffocating children to stop to itch go prickly heat. This shows Ai Cao was not affected to the baby.

Ai Xie is influential to the baby

Ai Cao magical function

1, the food of Ai Cao make it, can achieve the goal that prevents a cold, but cannot eat more, a week edible two can. Use water of dry Ai Cao bubble to drink directly, perhaps mix honey to rush with water, can have the effect of clear hot reduce internal heat.

2, Ai Cao, fume sweet effect good, can drive midge, still can dehumidify deodorization, purify air, promote the immunity of human body force, ignite Ai Cao directly, look for Cheng Fang of a container to go in to go at will next.

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3, Ai Cao is brushed go up in the skin, with respect to the effect that can have to prevent midge to prevent fly.

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4, Ai Cao is put into bath of the bubble in water, can promote haemal circulation, the warm blood that raise spirit, still can prevent a cold.

Ai Cao’s property of a medicine is gentler, can the algidity inside purify body, in the sudoriferous Chinese traditional medicine that uses wanting when so the female gives time of child birth, can have Ai Cao’s part. Besides, a lot of darling can makeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Protect with what arrive skin is tasted or in medicaments, have Ai Cao’s part, so the baby can use Ai Cao likewise, but must notice heft.

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