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Hypertension is a kind of commonner disease. Although say hypertension is to be in commonly in the commonner symptom in senile crowd, but also many children perhaps wait for a reason to bring about his to suffer from hereditarily because of food on hypertensive disease. Children high blood pressure is having certain level, prep above this standard, can diagnose be hypertension. Below, introduce children for everybody1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The relevant knowledge such as hypertensive standard!

The standard of children hypertension

One, the standard of children hypertension

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At 12.8 1000 handkerchief () of 96 millimeter mercuric column;

Children of 2 years old is more than ~ of a month 14.9 / 9.8 1000 handkerchief (74 millimeter of 112 / are mercuric column) ;

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3 ~ are more than 15 / 5 years old 10 1000 handkerchief (76 millimeter of 116 / are mercuric column) ;

6 ~ are more than 16 / 9 years old 10.4 1000 handkerchief (78 millimeter of 122 / are mercuric column) ;

10 ~ are more than 16.8 / 12 years old 10.9 1000 handkerchief (82 millimeter of 126 / are mercuric column) ;

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13 ~ are more than 18 / 15 years old 11.5 1000 handkerchief (86 millimeter of 136 / are mercuric column) .

The standard of children hypertension

2, 4 times hypertension of sex of children afterwards hair is the primary high blood pressure that send a gender

According to the data of epidemiology, the incidence of a disease of children hypertension is 1% ~ 2.3% . Children hypertension can be divided send sexual hypertension to send gender and afterwards formerly two kinds. The primary high blood pressure that send a gender is occupied only 20% the left and right sides, do not have clear pathogeny normally, salt is contained to measure classics of the exorbitant, fat fetish that reach plant to adjust in likelihood and heredity, food the function is maladjusted about. And afterwards sends sexual hypertension to take children high blood pressure 80% the left and right sides, the follow that has 90% about among them is sent at nephritic disease, wait like urgent chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, the characteristic of this kind of disease is to often appear blood in the urine, albuminuria or pyuria, kidney function can appear unusual.

The standard of children hypertension

3, child attention is not centered probable the expression that is hypertension

After having basic knowledge to hypertensive disease, what parents care most is children hypertension disease has what symptom, how can just know child sicken. Generally speaking, most hypertensive little patient does not have apparent symptom, can appear sometimes giddy, have a headache, the attention when tinnitus, lack of power, study cannot be centered wait for a symptom, and often because spirit is nervous, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Mood wave motion, overworked, Morpheus is bad and make a symptom aggravating. Additional, although the little patient with small age has have a headache etc unwell, also cannot use a language accurate expression comes out. Accordingly, the parent wants advertent child to have the change of fainthearted state, be like be agitated irritable, spirit uneasiness of depressed, Morpheus. Appear when unusual change, the parent should look after children in time go to a hospital checking, so that as soon as possible discovers hypertension. Develop certain level to will cause a series of serious consequence when hypertension, exhaustion of the function that be like a heart, kidney function exhaustion and the cerebral disease state such as convulsive, hemiplegy.

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