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Everybody understands acne quite, the impression of a lot of friends is acne can be to appear in the skin position with facial other perhaps departments only, but very few conference appears on genital. It is actually among the life, still really a few males discoverShanghai night net

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Acne grows on his penis, although won’t let others see, but feel can ache exceedingly. So the issue came, acne of phallic root minister why?

Acne of phallic root minister why?

In the root ministry of male penis, if appear the thing like acne, very possible meeting is bacterial infection, it is the skin next after occurrence inflammation, with respect to the papula of possible meeting occurrence red, must avoid phallic root ministry to go out so1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiShanghai noble baby

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Show damp phenomenon, wear the briefs with qualitative cotton as far as possible, can take antibiotic, or head Bao and so on, and sanded star of left oxygen boil will have treatment.

Acne grows on the penis, just like the whelk on the face, still meet some red, Forum of Shanghai night net

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There is white spot on some heads, there is purulent head to appear like whelk again after squashing with the hand, so these a knot in one’s heart are whelk.

1. nurses daily

Daily wash a face to two Wen Shui, clean skin, avoid squashs with the hand or scratch the caustic that catch a skin. Avoid uses oil kind, powdery apperception makeup taste and contain sugar the ointment of coriaceous hormone and frost agent.

Acne of phallic root minister why?

The commonly used method that 2. acne treats

(1) is local external use medicaments

Dimension A acid kind (breast of dimension A acid creams, Adapalin gel of gel, his Za Luoting) , cross acyl of oxidation benzene armour, antibiotic kind (Cline mildew element, erythromycin.

(Antibiotic of 2) profess to convinced

First selection tetracycline kind (Mi Nuo is annulus element, much on the west the) such as annulus element, it is the ester inside big ring next kind (erythromycin) , avoid to choose commonly used if the antibiotic that affects at treating a system is left oxygen fluorine Sha Xing. Antibiotic period of treatment normally 6 ~ 12 weeks.

Acne of phallic root minister why?

(A of dimension of different of 3) profess to convinced is acerbity to fathering1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Serious acne, acid of A of dimension of different of profess to convinced is standard therapeutics, also be the method with remedial the at present most effective acne. Period of treatment is a target with achieving 60mg/kg of the smallest accumulative dose.

(4) refuses androgen treatment

Be like progesterone of third of annulus of acetic acid of compound of prophylactic of profess to convinced piece, in applying to a female, spend acne patient again, companion has androgen level exorbitant expression (if much wool, Pi Zhiyi goes out,wait) or much bursa is ovarian and integrated proof. The female patient that the acne before acne of late hair style and menses accentuates significantly also can consider to apply prophylactic of profess to convinced.

(Coriaceous hormone basically uses sugar of 5) profess to convinced at eruptive sex or aggregate sex acne, follow the short-term, small dose, principle that applies jointly with other method.

(6) is other the patient that medications to ability suffers or wishing to accept, stillLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Can consider physical treatment, therapeutics of the motivation that be like light (treatment of acerbity therapeutics of PDT) , fruit, laser.

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