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Article introduction

Double leg oedema the reason that this kind of circumstance basically is the account that is assigned into physiology sex and pathology sex, give birth to reasonShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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because stand for long,the reason is and walk the seeper that cause, still function of kidney of old people conscience ebbs, also can cause oedema1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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. And the oedema of pathology sex has the function such as thyroid gland and heart unusual, this needs our seasonable acceptance to treat ability to be able to alleviate, everybody should want to understand the reason of double leg oedema.

 Double leg oedema is what reason

(1) physiology sex formerLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Because of

Stand for long or walk: Because weigh strength effect and lower limbs muscle,last nervous, cause haemal circumfluence to decelerate, make suffocate suffocate of vein blood circumfluence and oedema.

Absorb salt overmuch: After eating a lot of salt, meet a large number of watering, also can cause the change of certain hormone level inside body, and bring about constituent oedema.

Senile sex oedema: Went up after age, conscience kidney function drops somewhat, hemal wall connects the heighten that appear a gender, bring about water to run more easily in organizing clearance through hemal wall, cause oedema.

(2) disease reason

1, heart: Ability of heart pump blood is abate, bring about haemal Yu sluggish easily outer week is hemal, more incidental oedema.

2, hepatic: Liver is the place that synthesizes serous albumen, if hepatic function has loss, the albumen in causing plasma easily decreases, and bring about humoral stop in organizing clearance, produce oedema.

 Double leg oedema is what reason

3, kidney: Nephritic catchment ability is abate, composition of salt of the water inside body cannot seasonable eduction, easy oedema.

4, nutrition: Hidebound when content of the protein inside body decreases, serous protein content is low, incidental oedema.

5, endocrine: Inside body certain adjustment the hormone of moisture and electrolyte is secreted disorder, cause water salt easily metabolization is unusual and hair unboiled water is swollen.

6, hemal, lymphatic: The element such as suffocate suffocate of circumfluence of thrombus of varicosity, vein, lymphatic, cause sluggish of blood, tissue fluid Yu possibly also andFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Gland: Because stick the composition such as polysaccharide,accumulation is being organized, cause oedema.

 Double leg oedema is what reason

Besides afore-mentioned reasons, certain pharmaceuticals, ability to walk traumatic, fat, menses all can bring about ability to walk swollen. To in for senile friend, ability to walk is swollen common cause to absorb salinity disease of kidney of oedema of overmuch, senile sex, conscience, blood-vessel reachs lymphatic function obstacle to wait.

The physiology sex account that the article introduced to cause double leg dropsy in detail and pathology sex reason. If you appeared double leg is bloated, so you had better be serious reference article content, contrast oneself circumstance, because what reason is brought about,the double leg dropsy that sees oneself is after all, good suit the remedy to the case undertakes such ability be treated necessarily.

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